Public institution “Family friendly” (VsI Draugiski seimai) is operating since 18.02.2009

It is carrying out the following social projects:


Ekodaiktai.lt aims to educate the public, promote healthy living and leisure, use environment-friendly products, protect the environment and energy sources. It encourages companies in establishing socially responsible business models, promotes wide-spread usage of ecological products and toys, encourages creativity and innovations in business.

“Crane nest” (“Gervių lizdas“)

“Gervių lizdas” is a space for children and youth events and education in Gerviniai village, Trakai district. These events include regular camps, educational programs, handicrafts and other creative workshops: timber, clay, upcycling, oak growing and more. It has 50 summer bunks in several differently created spaces, which were created by upcycling used furniture and other utensils. Most of the work is being carried out by the volunteers. The camp promotes ideas for reduced, responsible and sustainable consumption, teaches recycling, mindfulness and strong connection with nature.

www.lidmania.com (“Kamštelių vajus“)

This is a competition for the collection of plastic bottle caps (HDPE) taking place in Lithuania since 2012. The aim of the competition is to collect as many plastic bottle caps, disposed in the nature, as possible and to recycle them – we invite to participate all Lithuanian educational institutions, families and individuals, who are concerned with ecology, litter sorting and cleanliness in parks, forests, lakes and fields.

In seven years, we have collected 35300 kg plastic bottle caps and recycled them.

In 2022 we will recycle the caps ourselves. For this purpose, we are preparing a plastic recycling line at the “Crane Nest” campsite, where we will make the game modular parts, pots, rulers, etc. from the melted plastic caps. We will carry out plastic recycling educational activities and also promote ecology, sorting, sustainable consumption.

Oaks nursery

There is a shortage of ordinary oak seedlings in Lithuania, therefore in 2018 we sowed 10,000 acorns and are now growing oaks in pots. In three to four years we will be able to distribute these oaks around Lithuania. Recently, five giant oak leaves were formed from the pots with the oak seedlings in the nursery. These leaves are named “Openness”, “Love”, “Wisdom”, “Creativity” and “Peace”. Oak nursery is open for volunteering: weeding, watering, grafting and meditating.

At the end of 2019, we became partners of the Forest Conservation Association “Forests for the Earth” (www.forest4earth.com).

VsI Draugiski seimai (“Family Friendly”) Company Code is 302307136. It is a non-profit organization: the core team consists of 13 volunteers – none of them receives any reward.

We are constantly looking for funding for our ongoing projects, we organize volunteering and are looking for volunteers.

Our account number is LT077300010114213065, PayPal email address is ecoethno.london@gmail.com

More information: ekodaiktai@gmail.com +370 618 12181