For volunteers

Information for volunteers about volunteering in 2023 in Gerviniai, Lithuania.

Google maps Gerviu Lizdas2Volunteers are invited to come and live here for more than a week between the 1st of May and the 1st of November.

Our campsite “Gervių lizdas” is located in Trakai district, Gerviniai village. It is surrounded by lakes, mounds, historical sites and old forests. It is truly a place of extraordinary beauty and energy.

Our team includes about 30 active volunteers who are constantly involved in community development, events, social projects. About 200 volunteers from all over Lithuania and abroad take part in the activities each year. Therefore, you are very welcome to our nest. For volunteers staying longer than three days we provide food and accommodation. We can accept up to 10 volunteers at a time. We speak four languages: Lithuanian, Russian, English and German.

We are sincere, open, funny, guided by the principles of sustainable consumption, sorting trash, conserving and cleaning nature, planting trees and cherishing forests, collecting and recycling plastic. We strive to convey our values ​​to children through summer camps, the initiatives „Kamštelių vajus“ („Lidmania“).

2023 development and activities plan of the campsite “Gervių lizdas”:

1. Complete the House of Hedgehogs: put wadding, overhang, make stairs.

2. To close the fence from the containers to the cliff (about 300 m).

3. Finish the stairs in the Troll Shack.

4. Build a dishwashing shed near the Canteen „Manger“.

5. Make a mini-terrace near the Lego house Trolli Troba.

6. Set up an educational footpath throughout the campsite area (about 700m)

7. Distribute at least 2,000 oak seedlings throughout Lithuania.

8. Equip a chicken coop.

9. To organize four children’s summer camps in which 160 children will participate:

  1. RINGS camp. 2nd – 8th  July.
  2. CINEMA camp. 16th – 22nd July.
  3. FRIENDS camp. 30th July – 5th August.
  4. OAKS camp. 13th – 19th August.

10. 5th – 7th May, first clean-up weekend: environment, preparation of oak pots for removal, preparation of educational trail and stops, opening of the campsite.

11. 16th – 30th June, Summer volunteering weeks. Anyone who wants to volunteer is welcome. A group of volunteers from Belgium will arrive. Picking and grinding corks, setting up an educational footpath, collecting and processing medicinal herbs. Construction of a house from waste.

12. 12th May – 23th June, 11th September – 27th October conduct 100 educations for schools “All about Oak” or “Plastic recycling way”.

13. 9th – 22nd July, Second group of volunteers from Belgium is coming. Will help preparation for the Cinema camp, production of scenery, resorting plastic lids.

14. Organize the collection of plastic lids across Lithuania, 9th – 26th October. The final of the competition “Kamšteilių vajus 22/23” is on 27th October. In Vilnius.

15.  1st May – 12th September establish a Mushroom Park, which will be open from 16th September till 29th  October.

16. Set up a souvenir and food market on weekends when the Mushroom Park is open.

17. 15th – 30th September Autum volunteering week.

18. 28th – 29th October Campground closure for the winter.

Possible jobs with volunteers:

1. Installation of the fence.

2. Resorting plastic leads, work in the factory.

3. Collecting herbs.

4. Construction of a house from waste.

5. Establishment of a cognitive footpath.

6. Preparation of oaks in pots for realization.

7. Making of mushroom park exhibits.

We make vegetarian food tree time per day for all volunteers.  The price is 10 euro per day.

We have 40 places for volunteers to live any time if we don’t have camp for kids. If we run a camp we can invite max 10 volunteers. 

Accommodation price per night is 10 euro. If you will stay for 2 weeks, we could agree that pay 100 euro for accommodation. 

If you would like to join our extensive team of volunteers, write to or call +37061812181