Summer camps

Gervinių stovykla 2017GERVINIAI Summer camps are designed to raise children’s awareness, foster positive character and general positivity, improve relationships with other people (especially parents), showcase their talents, creativity, develop self-esteem and authenticity.

In the camp program there are crafts, handicrafts, arts, sound, theater therapy, mobile games, exercise, dancing, hiking, campfires. The camp menu is vegetarian; children do not use phones all week.

The camps take place in Trakai district, in the education camp “Gervių lizdas” (CRANE NEST) for children and youth. Children live in separate rooms for 4 to 12 persons. Participants age span is 8 – 16 years. The cost of the camp is 300 euros (until January 1, 2021, special price of 270 euros).

GIRLS CAMP.  20th – 26th June

It is a camp for girth s’ natural tenderness, dance, lightness, creativity, needlework. This camp is about sisterhood and support of each other, about different traditions of femininity in other countries. 2021 Girls camp theme is “France”.

THEATER CAMP. 4th – 10th July

We know many ways to open up even the most sophisticated children using Theater Therapy to make them feel safe, needed, important, courageous, loved, and understood. This camp is staging an impressive musical performance on July 10th. It is the most creative camp where children write screenplay, dance, sing, act, create costumes and stage decorations.

CRAFT CAMP. 18th – 24th July

It is a camp for arts and crafts lovers. We climb, bend, braid, hammer, build and tremble from clay. At Craft Camp 2021, we will learn the secrets of weaving in Macramé and upcycling plastic bottle caps and plastic bags. The camp will host plastic project LIDMANIA and REPLASTICO2 workshops.

FRIENDS CAMP. 1st  – 7th August

It is the most bizarre, deep, most interesting camp where the program is run according to the needs of the children and is guided by the principles of democracy, led by the camp participants themselves. There are a lot of kids from different countries and we speak different languages. This is a challenging camp for group managers and children, because it has very strong personal growth and teamwork processes.

OAKS CAMP. 15th – 21st August

In this camp the program focuses on two themes: Lithuanian dances, songs, traditions, crafts, and learning to build a house from clay and wood, creating earth-ships. In the camp of 2021, we will construct the tree house and will also have dance-nights with the Lithuanian folk ensemble.

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Each day’s program in the GERVINIAI CAMPS is tailored according to the age and gender needs of the children: sport games for boys or handicrafts for girls. Off course, if boys like handicrafts, they can make a dream catcher or musical instrument (a rain stick) and girls can play football. However, teenagers have activities and tasks that are split by gender. These include stand-alone classes, conversations, lectures on femininity and masculinity and so on.

One of the days of the camp program:

8.30 Morning exercise. Yoga. Dancing

9am Breakfast

10am Meeting. Morning circle.

9.30am – 2pm Handicraft, craft workshop – mostly two at a time. Swimming, football, basketball, action games.

12.00 Light Snacks: Fresh fruits, berries or vegetables.

2pm Lunch

3pm – 7pm Workshops, swimming, games.

17.00 Light snacks: vegetables, sandwich.

7pm Dinner

8pm Meeting. West Circle.

21.00 Bed time.

Each day’s program will be slightly different, with Day and Night hikes, Gong-bath, performance staging or movie filming. A slightly different program takes place each camp, but all children will be enrolled in oak education (10,000 acorns sown in the “Crane Nest”), herbalism, planting trees, home building (in 2018, building an underground house; in 2020, building a tree house) and plastic upcycling. Each participant will receive a detailed program of their camp and a list of necessary items for the camp at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the camp.